Bob Baugh Memorial Baseball Tournament

June 2010 — Boys Club Baseball Tournament : Bedford, Indiana.

Please SPREAD THE WORD to the rest of the players and parents.

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  1. Are you gonna be taking pictures saturday at the all star tourney Shawn Nikirk is hosting at Bedford. the 7 & under will be playing on the girls diamond at the BNL high school and the other teams will be at Wiley. There will be 5 teams playing at BNL for the 7 & Under not sure about the other teams. Please let me know before I order some of the pics that was taken on saturday. Thanks!

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      Autumn — now why would I want to tell you anything that might slow you down from ordering? 😉

      I will be covering all teams at Shawn’s tourney this weekend, but I would encourage you to order photos now and order photos often!

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